My heart is, and always has been yours. It's you who I crave, I love and I cherish. It's always been you.

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"I will never lose my original intention and will become Chanyeol who is modest and polite!"
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Well it's only fair, since I sort of disappeared and had you take care of them during your promotions and stuff...But now I'll help take the burden off you!! >u< I see you're doing well though, hmmmm?


They were really good piggies though. Hehehe. I’ll always visit to see the piggies and you, of course. Well, I’m doing pretty good. {‘wiggles his brows playfully} HOW ABOUT YOU?! HOW ARE YOU?

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Sehun & Chanyeol's L’Official Hommes behind the scene video [x]

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I'm going to have Porkie and Piglet move in with me! I have a new apartment. Visit me there soon, okay? {`squishes the pigs and waves`}

But! I’m going to miss them if they move away. {‘frowns and squishes the pigs} I guess you can take care of them better than me… I’ll visit everyday to see them. I’ll fix their stuff now!

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"Come here and I’ll give you lots of hugs until you run out of breath and until I break your bones. Okay maybe that’s too much." 

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"Since you’re insisting, Baekhyunnie.. I’ll give you one." A light laugh spills past his lips, shaking his head as he wraps his arms around your waist to pull you closer and leans in to close the distance between them. "Dork." Chanyeol murmurs before claiming your lips for a firm kiss.

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"Let me think about it."

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"Still no."

"No, I don’t want to kiss you. You suck."

"Hmm… If I tell you one, it won’t be a secret anymore but!" He grins sheepishly, bringing his hand up next to your face to gently caress your cheek. "I’ll trade secrets for your company." 


Aww, so sweet. /laughs lightly as well, her arms coming up to be crossed under her chest to seem more relaxed as she stands there, brows being raised suddenly at the offer; You’d give me one of your fish? Oh my..I’d love to have another fish. I’m not prepared right now though since I don’t have a tank or anything, and I’d use a bowl but…I have a cat. Plus, of course, they’d need that special bubble making tube..right?

Yeah since I have a lot— ten fish can be a handful sometimes. {‘lets out a sigh, pursing his lips together in thought} It might be really nice to give one away since no one’s there to take care of them sometimes. Poor fishies. {‘he stares at the other, rubbing the back of his head out of embarrassment} But of course, I don’t want to burden you with the fish since it’s out of the blue and might take some of your time. 

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