My heart is, and always has been yours. It's you who I crave, I love and I cherish. It's always been you.

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"I will never lose my original intention and will become Chanyeol who is modest and polite!"
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          Glances toward his shoulder, expression anything but shocked and that’s when his eyebrow lifted, arms crossing over his features. “It’s okay, go for it. Not like it’s gonna be painful cause you small like such a bit—..ter old man.” Sports a cheeky grin, unable to hold on laughing into his hand. — §

"I should just grab a bat or something and then use it to knock you out." Chanyeol threatens, moving closer to gently kick on the other’s shin. "But then again, I don’t want to go to jail if I ever accidentally kill you—"

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Politeness has become so rare that people mistake it for flirtation.
— (via whitextrick)
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          His brow lifts as do your arms, the entire scene a humorous debacle and he didn’t try to hide his smirk one bit. “I didn’t know there were certain levels where you were allowed to insult someone. Guess I took a leap. Empty threats— nonetheless.” — §

With a slight squint of eyes and shake of his head, he clicks his tongue and reaches forward to gently land a smack on the other’s shoulder, “If it’s like that, there you go, I smacked you. Now can I do that to you again? I want to particularly smack that smirk off your face, you little—”

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The Lost Planet.

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I don’t care what you doubt, Chanyeol.


This fucking brat—

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5:38 minutes of heaven

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          Claps the hands together when he hears you agree with him somewhat, dropping them to his side to look at you directly again. “Just like I say you’re an idiot and a giraffe, that makes it true? I like the way you think.” There went his teasing smirk, eyes slits from how wide he was smirking. — §

Looking at the male with a scandalized look, he sighs exasperatedly and throws in weird hand gestures up in the air and stops with a soft huff. “I’m so close to hitting you on the face or somewhere where it hurts really bad but I don’t think we’re on that level yet.”

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          “Yah! I’m cute. I’m cuter than any Rilakkuma doll out there.” His expression stayed serious, the words firm however, hands staying where they were and he posed toward another point, as if making sure he got you to say it. — §

He scrunches up his nose, giving the other a judging look before his lips twists into a smile, “Fine, fine. If you say you are then you are. That’s what you chose to believe in and I respect that, Jongin.” Bringing his hand up to his face, he pretends to scratch on his nose and lets out yet another snort. 

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